Catholics for a Changing Church

The economics of the Common Good

A friend pointed us to this lecture by Maurice Glasman to the Catholic Union in 2019.  A paragraph stood out to us and serves as an introduction:

"The need for a new political economy is desperate but elusive, and this is the root cause of the impatient malaise in our contemporary politics where no one believes in the remedies offered and yet there is no constructive alternative available. It feels like we are in a perpetual doom loop in which the same dogmatic banalities are endlessly repeated and the mantra of change and innovation only leads to more of the same. It is one of the tragic paradoxes of our time that it was the abandonment of the Catholic orientation of the EU in favour of a more utilitarian and British conception of the economy that opened the door for Brexit and the solution to its problems lie in its recovery of the fundamental ideas of subsidiarity, status and solidarity within the economy that were the basis of the West-German economy and the origin of European co-operation in terms of coal and steel as well as agriculture."

Read the lecture on the website of Together for the Common Good

Maurice Glasman is a political theorist, academic, social commentator and Labour life peer in the House of Lords. He is Director of the Common Good Foundation and is best known as a founder of Blue Labour, a term he coined in 2009.

This lecture was first given as the annual Craigmyle Lecture at Notre Dame University in London on October 10th, 2019, hosted by the Catholic Union of Great Britain.

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