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Cardinal Grech: The synod ‘needs time’ on the question of married priests

Cardinal Mario Grech, general secretary of the Vatican’s synod office, says he sees “a different church” emerging from the worldwide synodal process. In the second part of this exclusive interview with America’s Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell for the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, Cardinal Grech reveals in new depth the plans for the continental and Roman phases of the global synodal process.

He also comments on past synod proposals, including those to ordain mature married men (viri probati) to the priesthood and to promote wider ministries for women.

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Patricia commented

The Holy Spirit (Female in the Old Testament) is getting impatient with those in charge. She has blown through the Church; she is showing you how your intransigence to change has weakened the institutional Church and has diminished the number of those who follow. Just visit local parishes. The shortage of priests has led the United States to recruit among the poorest of countries, robbing Peter to pay Paul. More time? We don't have the luxury of more time. We in the pews are gasping for reform while those in power rebuff the Spirit's warnings.