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"Trumpet of Jericho" awarded to Josef Pampalk MHM

The Trumpet of Jericho is a prize for special services to the reform of the Catholic Church. The award goes to people who stand up against outdated church rules. Especially people who have been punished for this by the church leadership are worthy of the award, for example by losing their job or limiting their career.

After the successful first presentation of the trumpet by Jericho to Doris Reisinger in October 2021, this year’s winner is Josef Pampalk, political scientist and Afrikanist. As a former missionary of the White Fathers in Mozambique, he witnessed how the bishops there submitted to the colonial power of Portugal. A 1940 concordat between Salazar and the Vatican decreed that the missions were considered an agency in the service of the Portuguese Empire, that the colonial government selected and paid the bishops, They expected clear support in maintaining colonialism. Those who criticized or stood up for the rights of the locals were punished or expelled from the country. When the White Fathers decided to protest, they were expelled from Mozambique in 1971. The Vatican’s support for colonialism led to the resignation of Pampalk and other "White Fathers".

This award cerenibt will take place on Friday 7 October 2022, 18:00-20:30 at 1010 Vienna, ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse 8, Vivaldi-Saal

Read the invitation Invitation - Program:

Ewald Benes: Why this award was created
Margit Hauft: The decision of the prize committee
Paul Zulehner: Mission today - learning from mistakes - Tasks of the Church
Eric Morier-Genoud: History of the Roman Catholic Church in Mozambique
Rudolf Mayerhofer-Sebera: Laudation: Meaning and purpose of this nomination
Presentation of the prize
Josef Pampalk: Thanksgiving and message from the recipient  

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