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What am I living for? by Timothy Radcliffe OP

 The search for meaning: Life, death and friendship

In this lecture Timothy Radcliffe looks at life and mortality and the way that the gift and grace of friendship brings meaning to all we have lived through, hope for our future and upholds who we are now.


Timothy Radcliffe was Master of The Dominican Order. He is the winner of the 2007 Michael Ramsey prize for theological writing for his book What is the Point of Being a Christian? He was also the author of The Archbishop of Canterbury's 2009 Lent Book Why Go to Church? He lives in Oxford where he is a member of the community at Blackfriars, but spends much of his year giving retreats, lectures and conference keynote addresses in the UK and overseas. His other bestselling books include What’s The Point of Being a Christian, Take the Plunge, I Call You Friends and Alive in God.  A man of deep faith and spiritual insight, Timothy has written honestly about his own brush with death and dependency after a major operation.